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This website has some pictures that you can watch. Here you can get to know the family Roelants living in the Netherlands. Our family has now a population of 50 people. You can find pictures from the whole family.Please go to the Image Gallery or the Virtual Tours.

Virtual Tours
Here at you will find 4 virtual tours especially made for you. Virtual Tour One is a small tour at Herlina's wedding. Virtual Tour Two is about the family Roelants. On Virtual Tour Three you will find some pictures from Zainah's wedding. On Virtual Tour Four you will find some picutures from my Chinese Family.

Image Gallery
Here you can see some of my pictures that I made with my salsafriends, other friends and when I was on Vacation.

Family Tree
A family tree was made by Ronny. It starts with Frans and Mien Roelants (the grandparents).
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Here you will find a list of almost all the birthdays from the Roelants Family.
Birthday Calendar

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